Adam Lz Net Worth 2022- Bio, Age, Net Worth, Height, Single

YouTube user Adam LZ (Adam Lizotte-Zeisler) gained popularity by uploading BMX stunt videos, drifting videos, vlogs, and a variety of other videos. Adam LZ net worth is thought to be $4.5 million. He creates some of the most intense sports because of the numerous maneuvers he performs while driving the BMW.

He was raised in Connecticut, more precisely in Woodbury. He began posting videos to YouTube in 2013; primarily male viewers between the ages of 12 and 24 make up the majority of his audience. He attended the University of Central Florida to study business management.

Adam LZ Net Worth 2022

3.50 million people have subscribed to Adam LZ’s popular YouTube channel, which covers blogs and people. The $2 million forecast is solely predicated on YouTube ad revenue. In all likelihood, Adam LZ’s net worth is actually higher.

In fact, some estimates put Adam LZ’s net worth closer to $5 million when taking into account extra revenue streams for a YouTube channel. The average number of views on Adam LZ’s YouTube channel every month is 5.61 million, or 186.99 thousand views per day.

Early Life

Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, better known by his given name Adam LZ, grew up in Woodbury, Connecticut. Adam was nurtured in the farming community after being born on May 5, 1995. The American city of Waterbury, Connecticut, is only 20 minutes away from the spot.

He used to spend around two weeks at the wood camp. He continued doing the same thing every summer for the next four years after that. He used to practice riding throughout that time, progressively honing his skills.

The highest-paid YouTube personality had always been drawn to the platform as a child. At the University of Central Florida, he had taken business management courses. The appealing YouTuber has blue eyes and short, light brown hair. He is 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters) tall and weighs around 165 pounds (70kgs). He is trim and keeps his body in good shape.


He began attracting a sizable audience of viewers between the ages of 12 and 24 starting in 2013. Adam, a highly compensated YouTuber and vlogger, established his channel in 2013 and has since attained sufficient fame. He has also gained about 3.6 million YouTube subscribers due to his efforts.

He has also achieved significant fame thanks to his capacity for posting engaging and amusing videos. He becomes well-known through videos about lifestyle, car testing, and racing. His movies include bundles of extreme sports and motor vehicle reviews.

Videos that emphasize giving away rewards to viewers and subscribers also promote increased engagement. Extreme sports and vehicles were two things that Adam LZ, the hugely popular Internet celebrity, was passionate about.

Additionally, he contributed to allocating the time to a YouTube channel. His love of cars is evident in such work. His longevity and reliability are the reasons for his success. Adam has a sizable social media following for someone his age.

Additionally, there is a justification for the high Adam LZ net worth. Many new subscribers are being added to his channel every day. He routinely produces engaging stuff and posts it online. Knowing about the BMW and extreme sports cars has helped this YouTuber gain some notoriety.

He earns a significant sum of money by watching YouTube videos for the commercials. Making a ton of money is also ensured by the advertising of the YouTube channel and the Adam LZ clothing line. He receives affiliate commissions from videos.

LZ Merch

The Adam LZ goods line is well-known. Through the Adam LZ website,, he sells the goods. He offers accessories, chaser t-shirts, clothing, and auto for sale.


His partnerships with numerous celebrities, such as Tanner Fox, have brought him prominence. Fans of the video adore the scene in which his father is shown driving a Porsche. In addition, the “Walmart Game of Bike” is one of the most popular videos. This is the one with over 9,000,000 videos.

Over 8 million people have watched a special Mother’s Day film with mum called “scare her mom in her own automobile.” The popularity has also been a result of well-known recordings, such as the videos “Freedom Factory Full Send,” “First Drifts in Mustang,” and “The worst way drift week could end.”

Adam continued to work with the “Xtreme Video Network” in 2016. Adam published a record on the Youtube Channel on February 3, 2020. He receives considerable recognition via the riding videos on his YouTube channel. Additionally, the stunts, Float records, BMX webisodes, etc. contributed to the popularity.

Personal Life

Nicole Frye and Adam LZ started dating in 2013 after Adam enrolled in the college Nicole was already attending, and they later got married. Nicole has appeared in numerous YouTube star videos ever since she started dating him.

In the end, the pair got married in a small ceremony in July 2016 that was captured in Adam’s movie “Nicole and Adam: The LZ Wedding,” which has received more than five million views.

Nevertheless, Adam and Nicole divorced in 2018 after two years of marriage for unspecified reasons. He was allegedly romantically connected with a woman named Bailey in late 2019, although this hasn’t been proven. Adam is likely single right now and totally committed to his work. At the moment, he lives in Orlando, Florida.

Popular Videos

Adam continued to produce ‘How To’ films and tutorials for anyone interested in learning how to perform various stunts, tricks, and drifts with BMX bikes. He also records a variety of BMX Webisodes, 360-degree vlogs, personal vlogs, and videos about vehicle riding and drifting, which prompted him to begin working with the Xtreme Video network in June 2016.

The most popular videos on his channel include “Turbo’d my Mom’s Car – Her Reaction Was Priceless!” (March 2013), “Walmart Game of BIKE,” and “GoPro BMX – Woodward West,” among many more.

His first video, titled “How to Bunny Hop Barspin BMX,” was also released in March 2013. He has also worked with other well-known YouTube stars, such as Tanner Fox.

BMX to cars transition

It’s crucial to underline how deeply ingrained Adam LZ was in the BMX community before continuing much further. Given how many competitions he had won, he was without a doubt one of the best riders in his area.

Before and during his time in college, Stranger Bikes sponsored him for several years, and for a while, it appeared that Adam LZ would go on to become one of the greatest pro riders in history. He had a lot of talent.

He developed a sizable fan base both offline and online as a result of his lifelong commitment to riding and striving to be the best he could be. Being incredibly amiable and helpful was also quite helpful, and it was great for getting attention on YouTube.

Let’s just say that a sizable portion of his YouTube audience consisted of followers of Adam LZ, the BMX rider. not the auto guy. Before he ever made the jump to cars, Adam had already built a profitable clothing business selling LZBMX t-shirts and hats.

This was because he was so successful in BMX. As was already noted, he was well-positioned for a lifetime career as a professional rider if that was what he wanted to do because of his enormous success in BMX so early in life.

Adam LZ was well qualified for the position. Not just as a rider but also as a budding businessman. But then there was a noticeable shift to automotive video on his channel right as he was finishing up school and was ready to start working for YouTube full-time.

Although it wasn’t quite abrupt, many of his strongest BMX fans were starting to express sadness over his declining enthusiasm for the sport. Adam LZ has always loved to learn and develop, and at some point, he said that he felt he had achieved all he could with BMX and that it was now time to move on.

However, he didn’t cut the cord right away. In fact, the home he bought in 2016 after marrying Nicole Frye had a large enough backyard to accommodate a skate park. He somehow succeeded in getting the neighborhood zoning board to permit the construction of a skate park in a backyard.


Adam LZ’s wife’s name, who?

Nicole Frye and Adam LZ became spouses. In 2016, the couple had been wed. When Adam began his studies at the University of Central Florida, the pair had already begun their adventure. The marriage, however, was short-lived. Later, Collette Davis and Adam LZ began dating.

What profession does Adam LZ have?

Adam Lizotte-Zeisler, also known online as Adam LZ, is a wealthy and well-known American vlogger and automotive YouTuber. He also competes in Formula Drift and was a pro BMX rider in the past. He makes money in this way.

What is the drift car Adam LZ?

He drives a brand-new Mustang RTR with a V8. Adam LZ wants to improve in this area and win a title with his new RTR Drift squad. Chelsea DeNofa, a new partner, and a brand-new 2022 Ford Mustang RTR are all preparations Adam LZ has made for the 2022 Formula Drift season.

On what wheels does Adam LZ S15 ride?

Adam LZ has previously declared that he would be joining Ryan Tuerck, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Chelsea Denofa, and other competitors on Nitto Tires.

What kind of wheels does Adam LZ chaser have?

Adam Lz’s Toyota Chaser JZX100 with a 1JZ engine Tune the Garrett G25-660 on the dyno! It had the original set of three-piece custom wheels.

What is the formula drift car Adam LZ?

Adam LZ owns a brand-new 2022 Ford Mustang RTR and is ready for the 2022 Formula Drift season. The 2020 2JZ engine that propelled him to Rookie of the Year has been replaced with a nitrous-fed V-8 in the new Mustang RTR.

Why did Adam LZ stop racing BMX?

Adam LZ had made the decision to leave Stranger after joining the group. Adam wanted to move on from the way things were going since he wasn’t satisfied with them. He does not represent a business and is not regarded as a pro.

Adam LZ began drifting when?

Adam LZ has been seeing the globe and sharing his experiences on YouTube since 2009.

Is Adam LZ prohibited entry to Australia?

An update was made: Adam LZ, a car YouTuber, is no longer simply well-known in America; he is also well-known for being hoon in Australia. Others added: Virginia will welcome Adam Lz with open arms and his S15 and a grip car even if Australia bans him!

Is Adam LZ a 2022 Formula Drift competitor?

He was really photographed during the Formula Drift season premiere on April 1-2, 2022, at the Streets of Long Beach in Long Beach, California.

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