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Clay, aka Dream, Was Taken or Dream Traps is a United States-based YouTuber known as Dream. As of 2022, Dream is estimated to have a net worth of $7.9 million. Dream is a Twitch broadcaster and YouTube star renowned for his Minecraft videos. He is, without a doubt, the most well-known content provider who stays anonymous.

He controls one of the extremely fast YouTube channels in history. The developer has built such a large following that he was nominated for the 2021 Game Awards’ “Content Creator of the Year.” It has been proven that Dream is the stage name of “Terius Youngdell Nash,” a singer, songwriter, and record producer.

In general, he is well-known for winning the BET Award for Best New Artist in 2008. His YouTube account has over 29 million subscribers and 2.5 billion cumulative video views, according to reports. He began his YouTube channel on February 8, 2014, according to sources.

Online AliasDream
Real NameClay
Date of BirthAugust 12, 1999
NetWorth$7.9 million
Dream Net Worth

Dream Early Life Background

Clay is the real name of the internet sensation. He was born on August 12, 1999, and he and his 15-year-old sister live in Orlando, Florida. Clay’s close friend TommyInnit has given her the nickname “Drista.” Clay has two more brothers and sisters. In his free time, he enjoyed playing basketball and soccer and was a captain of his high school flag football team.

He has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which makes it difficult for him to concentrate in class. He graduated from high school in 2018 despite his illness. He skipped college since he understood enough about technology to land a position in the field, and he had worked for AppleCare.

The dream became a member of the YouTube community in the middle of 2019. In less than a year, his membership base has swelled to more than 2 million people. According to the most recent YouTube data, he had 29.2 million subscribers on his main channel as of June 2022.

His films typically feature solely him, despite the fact that he is actually a member of a group activity. The “Dream Team,” which includes Dream and two other gaming YouTubers, George Not Found and Sapnap, as well as Dream himself, is especially remarkable. They will most likely start working on video material in the near future.

Dream was in a relationship with a man named Sam. Despite being accused of cheating on him multiple times, and terminated their relationship on amicable terms. Clay is currently without a partner. The subject of how Dream generates income is one that everyone wants to know the answer to. YouTuber’s personal and economic circumstances are kept a well-guarded secret. On either side, we can make a fair estimation.

Dream Net Worth

Dream Net Worth and Career Streaming

Many of his Minecraft movies, on one hand, rely on the building of new modules, but on the other, they don’t. The unknown makes money in a variety of ways from his passionate supporters. He launched a YouTube channel in 2014 and hasn’t updated it since. He resumed filmmaking in January of this year, and he has been uploading since July.

Dream’s films, unlike those of many other YouTubers, have swiftly gained a following. The most recent viral video is PewDiePie’s seed for a Minecraft world. In a few months, he had a million followers. In just a few months, he surpassed 10 million followers, making him one of the most popular YouTubers. Most people are familiar with his Versus Hunter videos.

He’s part of a new generation of celebrity content creators that separate their personal brand from their public persona. The world records you’re breaking, the millions of views you’re getting, and the one-of-a-kind items you’re selling are all thanks to your extraordinary imagination.

Millions of followers and watchers think that his instantly identifiable Minecraft style and simple moniker make him a fantastic brand. Gaming videos can be a lucrative source of income for certain people, but most makers don’t devote twice as much money and effort to them.

He also earns thousands of dollars each month by separating his public brand from his personal identity. Dream XD premiered on YouTube on August 22, 2019. There are a number of entertaining videos as well as additional segments from his Minecraft film.

Dream Team is Dreamer’s most popular YouTube channel. Minecraft Man Hunt, Dream Music, Dream Shorts. He has over 30 million followers on social media and makes millions of dollars every time he uploads a video to one of his channels. When you compare doing their links directory to what Google is doing, though, you’ll see that we’re actually outperforming them.

He has never worked for or been sponsored by a company. He found his first sponsor in November 2020, after going a year without one. So he can provide “more than $ 30,000” to “up-and-coming producers and streamers” as a gift to his buddies.

What Does Dream Do?

Most of Dream’s movies show that he has completed random Minecraft quests and adventures. With each new episode, he transformed it into a series, which he broadcast to millions of people. Along with his gaming activities, Dream has a burgeoning singing career. He co-wrote a Grammy-nominated song with Alec Benjamin.

He collaborated with the artist on the song “Change My Clothes”. This song will be released in August 2021 according to the official release date. But he had already written two songs before he met Alec Benjamin. In 2021 he released a song titled “Mask” that was still available. It’s about how the mask helped him achieve his emotional well-being.

Dream Net Worth

Dream’s Popular Videos:

Fans of dream music should also listen to “Roadtrip,” a tune he co-wrote with PmBata. Viewers have shown the highest interest in Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt series. This is also one of the aspects that have led to the community’s spread. Dream must complete several objectives in Minecraft Manhunt without being killed by “hunters.”

A hunter is a group of other players tasked with preventing him from finishing the game. In some circumstances, Dream assumes the position of hunter, while in others, the roles are inverted. Minecraft is unresolved:

  • Speedster Minecraft
  • A player-controlled world of Minecraft 

In general, Dream releases two films per month. DreamXD, Minecraft Manhunt, Dream Team, Dream Shorts, Dream Music, Dream Tech, and more are among the YouTube channels available. Each channel has a diverse selection of shows to choose from. For example, you can watch an animated short film from Minecraft on Dream Shorts.

Why Dream Popular?

Dream is popular for its continuous Minecraft footage and sophisticated video editing skills, and fans keep an eye on what he’ll post next. He also creates out-of-the-box game material that sets him apart from the competition. His participation in a variety of gaming platforms further added to his prominence in the gaming world.

It’s no coincidence that YouTubers has achieved such widespread notoriety. He looked into YouTube’s internal behavior, as well as the Reddit community. By extending the duration of his films, Dreams was able to increase the number of people who saw them.

How Does Dream Make Money?

Many of his Minecraft movies rely on the development of new plugins. Anonymity monetizes his loyal followers in a variety of ways.


Subs: Twitch Subs are divided into two categories: broadcasters and Twitch. Tier 1 streamers earn 50/50 shares and subscribers are valued at $ 2.50 each. If the streamer receives above 1000 monthly views, you can renegotiate the split to 60/40 (Tier 2) or 70/30 (Tier 3) if the streamer is extremely popular.

 Bits: You will receive $ 0.01 for each bit that the streamer receives.

 Ads: When streamers place ads on Twitch, they can earn about $ 1020 CPM, depending on their contract. That means you’ll earn $ 1020 per 1000 viewers of your stream when your ad runs.


YouTube channels are paid for every 1000 views (CPM). Normally, in a game niche, creators earn $ 27 in CPM. That means you’ll earn $ 27 for every 1000 views on your channel. However, not all views are monetized, such as by ad blockers. Most channels are rewarded for about 80% of their views.

Dream Makes Money per Month on Twitch

DreamWasTaken earns about $ 12,492 a month directly from Twitch. It is categorized as follows:

Subs: Dream streams on the Twitch channel only for special occasions. This means that you probably don’t have that many subscribers. At the time of writing this article, he has only streamed 151 hours on Twitch. Most, if not all, of his income, comes from his Youtube channel. However, he probably earns about $ 5,000 a month from his Twitch subscription.

Ads: Last month, DreamWasTaken was broadcast for around 2.8 hours, with an average audience of 133,795. Your ad will cost 5.6 x 10 x 133,795 = $ 7,492.52 a month if your CPM runs a $ 10 ad twice an hour. However, because he rarely streams on Twitch, these ad incomes are unlikely to be consistent month after month.

Bits and Donations: As there are no precise numbers, calculating bits and donations is more complex. On Dream’s twitch panel, he also mentions that all donations to his channel go to The Trevor Project, a charitable organization.

What is Dream’s YouTube revenue?

AdSense revenue is the primary source of revenue for DreamWasTaken on YouTube. Last month, 159,829,785 million views were obtained, according to Socialblade. By dissecting his YouTube earnings, you can derive an approximation of how much he makes. 159,829,785 views multiplied by 1000 equals 159,829,785 views.

Monthly revenue from YouTube AdSense is $ 319,659,570 (159,829,785 x $ 2 CPM).

Dreams Money from Merch

Dream shop is the company’s own store. He promotes it on his Instagram account. Estimating his company’s revenue is difficult, but he can make educated predictions based on the information he has. We can guess that Dream’s website will receive at least 3 million visitors this year based on the number of websites.

Most stores achieve conversions at around 2%. We may estimate that 60,000 people are purchasing products because around 2% of site visitors do so. His average order value is around $ 60 for T-shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, shoes, hats, and other products, and it may be considerably higher if you order numerous items. For the time being, he’s estimating $ 60.

It’s vital to keep in mind that this is a year-long project, and not all of them will be profitable. This equates to $ 300,000 in monthly revenue and a profit margin of 25%, or $ 75,000 each month. This gives you an estimate of how much DreamWasTaken will generate from your goods, but these figures are far more difficult to predict than Twitch Subs.

Dreams Money from Other Brands:

A dream doesn’t seem to be doing brand trading. That is, he earns $ 0 a month from the partnership. DreamWasTaken is young and had a long career before scandal intervention. This scandal disturbed him, but it didn’t seem to slow him down, and we look forward to seeing what he will do next!


What scandal was DreamWasTaken involved in?

The dream was accused of cheating during the speed run. He finally admitted it.

Does Dream have a family?

Dream, a very private person, doesn’t reveal much about his private life. As far as we know, he has an older sister, a younger sister, and a younger brother.

What is Dream’s net worth?

 Dream’s true net worth is unknown, but according to our research Net worth Spot, it’s about $ 7.77 million. Forecast of $ 7.77 million based solely on YouTube advertising revenue. In reality, Dream’s net worth could actually be higher. Given many sources of income, Dream’s net worth could be as high as $ 10.88 million.

How much do earn Dream?

The average number of views on Dream’s YouTube channel is 32.38 million times a month and about 1.08 million times a day. Monetized YouTube channels generate revenue through distribution. On average, YouTube channel revenue is $ 3 to $ 7 per 1,000 video views. If Dream is within that range, net worth Spot estimates that Dream earns $ 129.52K per month and a total of $ 1.94 million annually.

What is the reason for the popularity of Dreams?

With consistent Minecraft content and advanced video editing capabilities, Dream has received widespread attention and its fans are looking forward to the next release.

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