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Yousef Saleh Erakat, best known online as FouseyTube, is a YouTube celebrity, vlogger, comedian, prankster, actor, and rapper from the United States who creates parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches, and pranks for the web. FouseyTube net worth is estimated at around $4 million according to sources.

Initially, the fitness-related videos he posted on YouTube were followed by Middle Eastern-themed ones. Initially, the fitness-related videos he posted on YouTube were followed by Middle Eastern-themed ones. In 2012, Erakat was ranked third among the 40 Inspiring Muslims Under 40.

FouseyTube Net Worth 2022

Real nameYousef Saleh Erakat
Date of Birth22 January 1990
Birth PlaceFremont, California, United States
FouseyTube Net Worth $4 million
FouseyTube age32
FouseyTube height5 feet 10 inches
ProfessionYouTuber, Actor

FouseyTUBE has a $4 million net worth. The multi-talented performer Yousef Erakat has amassed a sizable following on social media over the years. Yousef has also amassed enormous money and widespread popularity thanks to his long-running YouTube channel.

Asian children in particular, who can identify with his actions, thoughts, and chosen issues, have made the YouTube sensation an icon among youngsters worldwide with his songs, thoughtful shows, and inspirational speeches.

Yousef’s enthusiasm, self-assurance, and sense of humor are some of his best qualities. His followers can take pleasure in following him as he tells tales about various real-life occurrences.

Early Life

Yousef Erakat, often known as fouseyTUBE, was born in Fremont, California, on January 22, 1990. His parents immigrated to the US as Palestinians. They have two older brothers; Yousef is their fourth child, and Noura Erakat is.

Elder sister is a well-known who studied law and is now a university professor and a former legal advisor to the House of Representatives Oversight Committee, is their other renowned sibling.

His early years weren’t exactly picture-perfect because he had a hard time accepting how other people treated Muslims, and later in adulthood when he got tattoos on his body, he ran into trouble with Muslim families.

This resulted in a lifelong struggle with substance abuse, bipolar disorder, and depression. Fortunately, he has been able to find comfort in comedy. Yousef studied theater arts while he was a student at San Jose State University.

He quickly packed his things and relocated to Los Angeles to start his acting career after graduating in 2013. Yousef had to compete with thousands of others who had the same desire, which was terrible.

Yousef acknowledged that be given the opportunity he desired, he would need to way stand out. He was stuck working low-paying jobs to finance his Hollywood endeavors. His circumstances wouldn’t change if he took one more effort.

Personal Life

There have long been speculations that he is dating Alicia Tyre. According to FouseyTube’s past relationships, he and Simmi Singh have been together since July 2018. But eventually, they separated. Yousef is dating Lilly Singh, a fellow YouTuber who is currently better known to the world as IISuperwomanII.

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The majority of Yousef’s income comes from his YouTube channels. Yousef makes a staggering $400,000 or more each year just only the commercials on his main channel, depending on the number of views.

More than 800 million people have viewed his primary channel as of this writing, which is equivalent to $2 million, and over 90 million people have viewed “Dose of Fousey,” which is another $220,000.

YouTube Journey

FouseyTUBE was launched by Yousef on March 21, 2011. To construct a channel, he merely reversed the first and last letters of his name. Yousef began posting videos on YouTube in defiance of the university dean’s objections.

Although he had a difficult start, he soon saw success. FOUSEY has acquired his first 100,000 subscribers after a laborious year of trying to garner views. His content relied on upbeat themes including fitness, good health, expressing his thoughts on the process, and straightforward snippets of great feelings for laughs.

FOUSEY was awarded YouTube’s Silver Play Button in 2012 to recognize his first significant achievement there. He was ranked third on the list of the Top 40 Most Influential Muslims Under 40 at the same time. The prominence also caused FOUSEY’s wealth to increase dramatically.

Among his most well-known videos is “SPIDERMAN IN REAL LIFE PRANK! “, which has received over 145 million views, followed by “HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE PRANK! & “MORTAL KOMBAT ELEVATOR PRANK!,” each of which has 95 million views, “, and has received 79 million views so far.

Yousef’s net worth considerably grew after he secured a deal with one of the most renowned talent agencies in Los Angeles, Creative Artists Agency, in 2015. Most recently, he started working along with fellow YouTuber Roman Atwood as the two of them went on a tour called the “Roman versus Fousey Tour”.

Additionally, he is a talented actor and musician, which has increased his net worth. His portrayal of Jonathan in the 2016 horror comedy “Boo A Madea Halloween” and its follow-up, “Boo 2 A Madea Halloween,” is among his most well-known roles (2017). His first song, “Prideland,” was released in 2015.

Skits and Pranks

2011 saw FOUSEY upload a cultural parody that marketed reliability and became viral, especially among viewers with a shared Middle Eastern heritage. The video received approximately 100,000 views on YouTube even though it only had 5,000 subscribers at the time.

He kept making odd, almost ridiculing videos that depict what it’s like to grow up in a Muslim family. Yousef’s early YouTube content helped him find his niche with the help of his family. But he also understood that his channel to surpass the 100,000 subscriber threshold, would need to create fresh concepts.

FOUSEY created complex, innocent practical jokes that he performed and broadcast to the public. His Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank has received close to 132 million views since it was posted in September 2014. And despite how absurd it may look, the video features a second half.


FOUSEY included random bystanders in his bizarre actions. He came up with concepts like pleasantly talking with people and holding their hands while FOUSEY nibbles on their food. While many laughed at his jokes, others were enraged and tried to chase him away.

No matter how his audience or the targets of his pranks responded, fouseyTUBE’s celebrity was beyond everyone’s expectations. The next thing FOUSEY knew, he was working with famous names like Kevin Hart on television shows and winning multiple accolades for his writing.

FouseyTube Event

Hate Dies, Love Arrives was an event that FOUSEY hosted in 2018. The event’s apparent high point was a suspicious package, which many believe FOUSEY himself called in. The Greek Theater was cleared of all 1500 guests, and the event as a whole was canceled.

But FOUSEY prolonged the incident into the streets rather than offering an apology and letting the terrified crowd go. Yousef broke out in a total mental collapse, yelling at the top of his lungs about how he was a divine messenger and had suicidal thoughts.

FouseyTUBE Becomes Inactive

The net worth of fouseyTUBE reached millions in 2016. He was leading a life that was on par with that of any Hollywood star. But following the Kevin Hart-starrer Try Not to Laugh, FOUSEY vanished for seven months.

Neither a warning nor any signs of tension were present. On May 25, 2017, he reappeared with a seven-minute video. FOUSEY’s Dear YouTube provided an explanation of his sudden withdrawal and the difficulties he was facing.

FOUSEY alleged that success and wealth made him a highly avaricious individual. He detested how his new attitude divided the family and everyone else he cared about.

Many praised the famous person’s sincere openness, and many well-wishers offered their support. The breakdown did occur before his channel reached the ten million member mark, but Yousef had enough content already available to push fouseyTUBE over the finish line.

FOUSEY displayed blatant indications of emotional and mental suffering despite achieving such a noteworthy accomplishment.

The ‘Other’ Justification for FOUSEY’s Absence

FOUSEY ran out of steam trying to keep his creative juices going, even with all the money he had. When people realized that many of his prank videos were manufactured, he simply left. The “allegedly” random people in the videos turned out to be all for profit. The devoted viewers of FOUSEY received the hard reality.

To top it all off, the YouTuber claimed that whether or not something is real, it shouldn’t matter if his jokes made people laugh. Following the discovery, fouseyTUBE lost subscribers and saw a sharp decline in viewers compared to before.

FOUSEY admitted that he was only getting paid 5% of what he usually made per video on YouTube due to an unresolved issue. Although it was appropriate to seek an explanation, the YouTuber’s lack of incentive to produce better video has another plausible explanation.

The sharp drop in FouseyTUBE’s net worth followed his rise to notoriety. FOUSEY was only getting about $500 for each piece of content with at least two million views, down from $8,000 per video.

FouseyTube’s Earnings

YouTubing has been the main source of income for Yousef Saleh, also known as FouseyTube. His primary channel has more than 1 billion views, which is sufficient to generate millions of dollars.

With commercials, his 1 billion views might generate more than $2.5 million. Several factors influence YouTube income, including geography, views, devices, and more. Given that the majority of his viewers are Americans, Yousef Saleh Erakat makes a respectable living in this aspect.

Typically, Yousef Saleh makes $1.8 million a year through his ‘FouseyTube’ YouTube channel. After only three years on FouseyTube, Yousef made $950,000 in 2014. His income has fluctuated with the rise and decline in popularity of his stuff.

His estimated yearly income, however, ranges from $3.1k to $48.8k. Yousef has made additional money through his acting career. He has so far contributed to several expensive movies.

In the movies Boo! A Madea Halloween & Boo 2! A Madea Halloween from 2016 and 2017, he played Jonathan. These two expensive movies took in $75 and $48 million at the global box office.

Fousey’s House

Millions of people follow Yousef Erakat, a wealthy YouTuber known online as FouseyTube. The enormous home has 4 bedrooms, 3 and a half baths, 4,700 square feet in total (3,133 without basement), and is situated on 3 acres of ground.

For an astounding $700,000, Yousef purchased the home for his parents in July 2016. The popular YouTuber presently resides here with his parents. Here is a glance inside Princeton, New Jersey resident FouseyTube’s home.

Final Words

Even now, Erakat’s life continues to pique the interest of people. It is always conceivable for fouseyTUBE’s net worth to surpass its previous levels. We can only hope that Yousef has learned his lesson and is capable of overcoming his demons now that he is making a third attempt. He merits the opportunity because he has the potential.


How much is the net worth of fouseyTUBE?

The estimated net worth of fouseyTUBE for the current year is $2 million. With over 10 million subscribers, American-Palestinian YouTube content producer Yousef Erakat has become quite well-known. He was known for posting cultural plays and practical jokes. Before his downfall, fouseyTUBE’s wealth was at least a hundred times more than it is now.

What Made fouseyTUBE So Popular?

Due to the humorous skits he posted that were based on his childhood in the Middle East, FOUSEY became famous. His videos were well-made and popular because they were so relatable. When FOUSEY began pulling practical jokes on his expanding following, the support immediately continued.

What Is FOUSEY Currently Doing?

Yousef seems to have been attempting to resurface on YouTube. Erakat continued his DOSEofFOUSEY channel in 2021. There are currently over 3.4 million members of this channel. Additionally, he started a brand-new channel named FOUSEY, where he currently has 253,000 subscribers and 78 uploads.

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