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Simon Edward Minter, a YouTube celebrity who earned the majority of his wealth online and a member of the Sidemen, is the owner of the YouTube channel Miniminter. He is thought to be worth $10 million. In London, he resides.

Most of the videos he uploads are vlogs, Q&A sessions, FIFA videos, and other entertaining ones. Simon also runs the MM7 Games YouTube channel, where he posts weird games and vlogs. Nevertheless, Miniminter’s precise net worth is a mystery.

Although Miniminter’s exact net worth is unknown, our site’s technical experience estimates it to be $10 million. In fact, some estimate Miniminter’s net worth to be as much as $15 million when accounting for additional sources of income for a YouTube channel.

His lucrative career has allowed him to enjoy affluent lives and expensive vehicles. He is among the wealthiest and most well-known YouTubers in the UK.

How Much Money Miniminter Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

Real NameSimon Edward Minter
Nick NameMiniminter
ProfessionYouTuber & Internet Celebrity
Net Worth$10 million
Birth Date07-09-1992
Height6 feet 1 inch (1.9 meters)
Weight165 lbs (75 kg)
Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendTalia Mar
ChildrenNo kids
SiblingsNick, Johnny
Zodiac Sign/StarVirgo
Music GroupSidemen

His YouTube channel has more than 10 million members and will have more than 3,498,260,766 views by the year 2022. His channel has 7 lakh views on average each day. We can estimate that he earns $6,000 per day based on how his channel is monetized.

A round number of $10 million results from multiplying it by 365 (a year). For every 1000 views, all YouTubers who live in Canada, the USA, Australia, and the UK receive $2–$12. Another study found that between 40 and 70 percent of all views are paid for, by various advertising, location, year, type of device, and other variables.

Miniminter Net Worth

We calculated Minimeter’s total YouTube earnings after learning that he also resides in England and that the majority of his views are from the aforementioned nations. He additionally performs sponsored advertisements, promotional advertisements, and other sponsorship deals. The overall net worth of Miniminter is increased by this.

Early Life

Miniminter, whose full name is Simon Edward Minter, was born in Hemel Hempstead, England, on September 7, 1992 (when he was 29 years old). The Minter surname is that of his parents. Nick and Johnny are his two siblings.

It’s interesting to notice that he was given the moniker “mini” in this case. And this term came from its diminutive height. But even as a young child, he had a small height. He particularly likes playing video games, therefore this was what he did for fun. In terms of academic performance, Simon received a variety of GCSE marks, including an A*, two As, and nine Bs.

Miniminter Net Worth

In Hertfordshire, he went to Berkhamsted School. He didn’t consistently demonstrate that he was a stellar student. Because of this, he was unable to enroll in the university that was the highest priority due to his A-Level failure. As a result of this failure, he took a pause in his study and traveled to Ghana to teach the residents there how to play football.

He spent two months coaching. He afterward pursued his education further and was accepted to the University of Hull to study criminology. At this point, he began posting videos to his YouTube channel. In 2012, he entered the world of uploading his first-ever FIFA video before leaving his institution.

Body Measurements

A popular YouTuber named Miniminter is 185 cm (6′ 1″) tall and weighs around 75 kg. His weight and height both indicate a good and active body. Why not bring up body measures when discussing height?

He is a YouTuber and a gamer; therefore his physique is in line with someone who is physically fit. This tall, enhanced gamer measures 38 inches at the chest, 30 inches at the waist, and most significantly, 11 inches at the biceps. His short blonde-colored hair, broad nose, and grey eyes give him an even more alluring appeal.

Personal Life

His followers are all curious about their current marital status. Miniminter, though, prefers to keep his private affairs private. He does not wish to tell anyone about his marital, dating, or divorce status. Even his closest buddies remain silent after knowing everything. According to several analysts, Miniminter and Taria Mar started dating in the latter part of 2017.

Miniminter Net Worth

According to some, they are now wed. But at the beginning of 2018, Miniminter made his relationship with Talia Mar public after significant fan pressure. A singer on YouTube, Talia Mar has been in charge of her account since 2017. Both have started podcasts on their relationship since disclosing their dating status.

Miniminters’ House

With his four fellow Sidemen, Zerkaa, KSI, Vikkstar, and Miniminter himself, he resided in a lavish six-bedroom home. They moved to a new six-bedroom house in 2016 after living in the old one for two years and used to call it “Sidemen House.” Miniminter is currently residing at JJ’s London apartment after Simon and JJ relocated to a new residence in 2020. JJ signed a two-year contract for the apartment. We learned via a news story that they no longer wish to live there and are just waiting for the lease to expire.


Internet stars KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, and W2S make comprise the British YouTube group The Sidemen. The group’s YouTube accounts, which as of October 2021 have more than 128 million followers, are well known for the videos they produce on a lot of challenges, sketches, and video game commentary.

miniminter net worth

Members of the group include:

  • Olajide “JJ” Olatunji, also known as KSI online (from 2013),
  • Joshua “Josh” Bradley (2013–present), also known online as Zerkaa
  • Tobit “Tobi” Brown (2013–present), often known online as Tobjizzle or TBJZL
  • Ethan Payne, also known as Behzinga online since 2013
  • Vikram “Vik” Barn (2013–present), also known online as Vikkstar123
  • Harry Lewis, a.k.a. Wroetoshaw or W2S online (since 2014)

Prior to the formation of the organization, some of the members were acquainted. Olatunji and Minter went to the same school in Hertfordshire as did Bradley and Brown, while Olatunji and Bradley both attended Bexley Grammar School in London.

The group got its start in a Rockstar Games Social Club group called “The Ultimate Sidemen” which was created in Grand Theft Auto Online on October 19, 2013, but Lewis was left out. Lewis was invited to join the group after Bradley ran into him at a FIFA gaming event in New York City in January 2014.

Minter defined the term “sideman” in a video for the group, saying, “A sideman is simply someone’s bitch who just follows them around, and I was literally JJ’s bitch that followed him around”.

Olatunji, Minter, Bradley, and Barn moved into a property in London in February 2014 that they dubbed the “Sidemen House” so that they could work together more frequently. The band’s official YouTube channel hit 10 million subscribers on December 1st, 2020. As a token of the group’s achievement, YouTube gave each member a Diamond Play Button.

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YouTube Career

The group releases a variety of films on its four YouTube channels, Sidemen, MoreSidemen, SidemenReacts, and SidemenShorts, including challenges, comedy, and video game commentary.

The Sidemen channel has more than 13.4 million subscribers as of September 2021, with 3.1 billion views; MoreSidemen had more than 5.7 million, with 1.9 billion views; SidemenReacts had more than 3.6 million, with 835 million; and SidemenShorts had more than 1.3 million, with 330 million.

The Sidemen Show, a web series by the group, debuted on June 18, 2018, and is only accessible on YouTube Premium. It consists of seven 30-minute episodes that were shot all over the world with a lot of famous people as guests.

The Sidemen published a 20-minute YouTube video titled “#StayHome” in March 2020. The Sidemen and more than 100 other YouTube video artists and personalities were included in the video, which promoted the UK’s “stay at home” campaign, which tried to stop the spread of COVID-19 there. The NHS received a donation for every penny of the video’s advertising earnings.

Other Projects

Miniminter and the crew have been marketing and dispersing Sidemen Clothing products since 2014. The trio started a promotional tour for Sidemen: The Book in the UK on October 18, 2016, the same day the book was released by Coronet Books. The book, which debuted at number one in the UK, sold 26,436 copies in the first three days after going on sale.

2018 Sidemen Football Charity Game at the Valley

To collect money for different philanthropic causes, the group has organized three football games. Over £110,000 was raised for the Saints Foundation at the inaugural game, which took place at Southampton’s St. Mary’s Stadium in 2016.

miniminter net worth

The NSPCC and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust each received £210,000 from the second and third games, which were played at The Valley Stadium in London. The Young Minds Trust and the Charlton Athletic Community Trust each received £65,747 from the two games.

Some Interesting Facts about Miniminter

  • Karate champion Simon Miniminter. He has earned a yellow belt.
  • He has a ring on the little finger of his left hand as a family value.
  • Since the end of 2015, he has loved coloring or bleaching his hair.
  • Simon is the second-most subscribed to and a well-liked team member after W2S.
  • With the names, Miniminter, MM7Games, MiniminterClips, What’s Good Podcast, and MiniminterShorts, Miniminter has five distinct YouTube channels.

Final Words

The minimum net worth until 2022 is $10 million. He is a lovely guy and a wealthy YouTuber. He began his profession in 2008 and worked extremely hard to be where he is now. Visit our home page to learn more about the biographies of other YouTubers.

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