Roman Atwood New House

After sharing the terrifying facts of their stalkers less than a month ago, Roman Atwood and his wife Brittney Atwood are now beginning afresh with their four children in Roman Atwood’s new house.

Roman and Brittney came to the RomanAtwoodVlogs channel in August 2020 to tell about how stalkers invaded their private for months despite worries that they had broken up, were coping with major health problems, or were involved in legal disputes.

Roman Atwood New House

Brittney and Roman have since resumed their regular vlogging, and their videos now take place in a different location. Roman has moved a few times as his family has grown, as observed by those who have followed him since he started his YouTube channel in 2013.

Roman Atwood New House

The Atwood family had recently moved into a new house, the 37-year-old announced in his video from February 27 titled “Welcome To Our New House.” Roman gave viewers a tour of his new place after showing a montage of entertaining incidents from his former residences.

Roman Atwood New House

First, the producer of the material and his family launched confetti cannons from the top of the double staircase. Roman then teased that fans would have to wait to see more as he walked the camera through his opulent kitchen and walk-in pantry.

According to Roman and Brittney, “Chapter 3” is their fresh beginning, and they wanted the film to act as an introduction to it. However, they decided to each show off something in their new home before they wrapped their video.

Brittney chose her enormous walk-in closet, and Roman chose his music studio, which has a stage and a drum kit. At the end of his video, Roman remarked, “I hope more than anything [that] our experience will inspire some of you from getting from where we started to where we’re at today”.

“More changes than I ever imagined we’d experience in our lives – huge changes. I appreciate you playing a significant role in that. We adore you guys a lot.” Roman also posted a few images of the home on Instagram, and one of them appeared to show that the couple had actually hired builders to build the home.

Roman Atwood New House

“We are excited to start a new chapter in our lives. Officially, my family and I moved into our new house “He made an Instagram post, “We appreciate you being here with us forever,” The Atwoods’ new home might provide the fresh start they’ve been hoping for after everything the pair has been through with their stalkers and security difficulties.

Location of Roman Atwood New House

The Atwood family has resided in Ohio for a while, but neither Roman nor Brittney provided information regarding the location of their new residence. It wouldn’t be shocking if the couple kept a lot of information about their large home to themselves given that they just dealt with a significant stalking incident.

Roman may produce a longer home tour film in the future, or he may decide to keep some details more private out of concern for his safety.

What currently is Roman Atwood doing?

After a break of over eight months, Roman returned to YouTube on August 18, 2020, with a video titled “We Will Never Recover.” Roman and his wife, Brittney, continued to irregularly Vlog about their lives even though he didn’t say anything in the video.

How do I get in touch with Roman Atwood?

Twitter message from Roman Atwood: “@ryanlamonico email me your contact details – [email protected]

Is Noah in Roman Atwood’s custody?

Noah must spend the weekdays with his mother and the weekends with his father. Because Noah earned money for Roman in his Vlog, Shanna petitioned the court in 2015 to have Noah removed. It was successful, and a few months later Noah was finally permitted to return to the Vlog.

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