Shane Justin Net Worth – Age, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Income

Rappers like Fabolous and Baddie Lira Galore may have caught our attention when out in public while decked out in diamonds. According to a 2022 survey, Shane Justine net worth is estimated at $25 million.

If not, you must have seen rapper Kashdoll dressed in a lace-up jersey dress and styled in her blue leather piece, as well as Trina, who is quatted below. And who might be their clothes designer, you guess?

Since it’s Shane Justin, there’s no reason to speculate any further. He founded Dare to Be Vintage and is a fashion designer. Due to his expertise in creating prom gowns that are all about flamboyance, he has recently become the most well-liked fashion designer.

He also has a dress prepared for both men and women for every event, although he is best known for his recreations of costumes by well-known fashion designers.

Shane Justin’s Net Worth 2022

He has a strong following for his well-known apparel line of the same name. According to predictions for 2022, Shane Justin’s net worth is $25 million. American fashion designer Shane Justin has a successful Instagram presence under his name.

According to Shane Justin’s wage statistics; he makes a sizable sum through YouTube. Shane Justin makes about $20K every month from YouTube. The average yearly salary for Shane Justin is $240,000.

However, the selling of his merchandise and expensive outfit is his main source of revenue. Information on Shane Justin’s relationships reveals that Justin is gay. He continues to cook for him and spoils him with pricey gifts and out to dinner. Shane even gave GSUWOO the automobile of his dreams.

Early Life

On April 17, 1994, he was born in Olympia, Washington, in the United States. After enrolling at Florida A&M University, he departed after one semester because he wanted to pursue a career as a fashion designer.

Since Shane hasn’t disclosed anything about his parents, we don’t know anything about his family history. Yet, his website offers the opportunity to purchase a large selection of high-quality clothing.

The pricing is fairly fair, and a link to his website is provided below. Website address: In a YouTube video, he describes his origins and how he was able to build his company, among other things.

Personal Life

Since Shane Justin is gay, he is presently dating GSUWOO. He always spoils his man with pricey presents and dinner dates. They are frequently spotted together at events. Shane Justin owns a fashion company and makes a perfect living.

The pair took a flight to Dubai to wish Shane a happy birthday. The plan, though, didn’t work out because they started arguing on Twitter the same week and stopped communicating with one another.

While Shane was in Dubai, he went on television and admitted that he was really upset that Gsuwoo hadn’t made an effort to get in touch with him following the flight. When drinking with his pals as going live on Instagram, Shane expressed his anger at Gsuwoo’s attempts to discredit him.

“If Gsuwoo believes he is the only one, who is correct, then he is the only one, but it doesn’t mean he can’t have anyone else,” he continued. Gsuwoo responded by saying that Shane treated him like a princess and spoiled him with all the meals.

Shane did not, however, disclose the underlying cause of their argument. But after a few days, Gsuwoo disclosed that the reason was that he didn’t live up to Shane’s expectations because he didn’t give him a pricey, glittery gift.

Shane received much backlash on Twitter due to Gsuwoo’s response, and their relationship was destroyed. They are no longer together, and Shane might be dating right now.


Shane Justin Fashion House, run by the highest-paid Instagram model, offers comfy, genuine dresses that are influenced by a new Atlanta location. Justin is a well-known individual and a wealthy and well-known fashion designer.

He is also known for his much-liked clothing line of the same name, which promotes flashy and glittering fashion. Shane Justin, a well-paid YouTuber, is well-known for his recreations of garments by well-known designers.

He focuses on designing prom dresses, and both men and women can choose from a variety of outfits to fit any celebration. His brand is incredibly well-known thanks to the Shane Justin collection, which offers a large selection of clothing starting at just $65. The YouTuber’s enormous popularity has placed him in the top YouTubers’ net worth classification.

YouTube Career

On January 24, 2017, Shane Justine launched his YouTube channel. He has 526,907 views and around 20,000 subscribers. “Welcome to the world of fashion designer Shane Justin,” states his description.

Instagram Popularity

According to Shane Justin’s wiki, he has four Instagram profiles, of which two are associated with his brands, one is personal, and the fourth is for his staff. He boosts his sales with the aid of these Instagram profiles.

The Trenches is the first outfit in the wardrobe collection, with a cream coat priced at about $130. The heavenly Blazer dress costs $185 and is a blue coat-style dress with a floral design.

The latex coat, which costs about $110 and comes in black and blue, is another item in your wardrobe. The Boss Moves men’s set, which costs about 120 dollars and comes in Black and Cream, is a terrific alternative for the men’s sector.

Dare to Be Vintage

Dare To Be Vintage, another name for Shane Justin Collection is all about glamor and elegance. Rappers, Internet personalities, and well-known celebrities all wear the designers’ clothing.

He also had an interview with multi-talented journalist and lifestyle vlogger Victoria R. Johnson, in which he disclosed that, his decision to drop out of college after just one semester lead him to discover his aptitude for design and launch his career in it.

He began by down-regulation and altering denim while working a regular job. But he remained faithful to himself and carried on designing and making his goods. He bought a $100 sewing machine at Walmart and began his ascent to the position of fashion designer.

He improved every day and perfected his craft, which enabled him to achieve these feats. He used to purchase vintage apparel, remodel it, and eventually sell it again. Even it was challenging for him to run his first clothing shop.

It was a significant acquisition for him, he persisted in working hard every day for six years, and his business expanded steadily and began to become well-known for prom fashion design.

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He has plans to create a Dare To Be Vintage store in every major city and nation on the planet since he is still driven to succeed. He also adds that seeing people wear his creations at important events and in daily life drives him to pursue a career in fashion.

He now has three businesses one in Brooklyn, one in New York City, one in Fort Lauderdale, and one in Atlanta.


Who is Shane Justin, Greg’s Instagram boyfriend?

Instagram accounts for Justin and Greg are @justinandgreg.

Who Are Greg, Shane, and Justin?

American fashion designer Shane Justin is well-known for his clothing line of the same name. Justin Shane is gay. He’s seeing Shane Justin’s boyfriend GSUWOO right now (Greg).

How much money does Shane Justin make?

Shane Justin has a $25 million net worth.

How old is Justin Shane?

The age of Shane Justin is 27.

How long does Shane Justin take to ship?

Before shipping, sale orders require a processing period of 7 to 10 business days. Shipping becomes 2-3 standards or 1-2 express after processing time. Orders placed during a week of a sale will have their shipping delayed.

What Fits Shane Justin’s Clothes?

The dresses do fit true to size, yes.

Are Shane Justin’s Sizes Accurate?

The dresses do fit true to size, yes.

Shane Justin Loed: Where Is He?

At 3896 West Commercial Boulevard, Tamarac, Florida 33309, call 954-530-5010 to reach the Shane Justin Store. You can reach with any inquiries or concerns.

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