Simple Living Alaska Net Worth – Career, Contact Information

One of the fastest-growing American YouTube channels, Simple Living Alaska, shows viewers how to lead a very simple life. The Simple Living Alaska Net Worth is $2 million, based on the 2022 revisions.

This program is well-known because it shows viewers how to live a lovely life by trying to keep things straightforward and doing the essential tasks. The United States of America is where its YouTube channel is headquartered.

Simple Living Alaska Net Worth 2022

Arielle and Eric of Simple Living Alaska are portrayed as a stunning couple who have been living off the power in an Alaskan cabin on the show. They also talk about their daily lives farming and subsisting off the land.

A large number of viewers have been drawn to the American channel by its distinctive content. Eric and Arielle’s residence is listed as Willow, Alaska, on their Facebook page’s map. They now reside in a small cottage tucked away in the woods after downsizing their house and belongings as part of a lifestyle change.

On a P.O. Box associated with “Simple Living Alaska,” Willow, Alaska is indicated as the mailing location. American YouTube channel called Simple Living Alaska is predicted to have a $1 million net worth in 2022.

Early Life

Arielle and Eric from Simple Living Alaska are a charming couple who have been living off the power in a cabin in Alaska. Additionally, they are sharing their daily pioneering and land-based adventures on the popular US-based channel “simple Living Alaska”, which has over 372 videos.

While in college, she was motivated by Arielle to start filming movies. She moved to Oregon after receiving her degree, where she continued to make movies before establishing her own YouTube channel in 2014. Eric’s girlfriend Arielle has been having a good time with him.

One of the most popular American YouTube channels, theirs shows viewers how to lead amazingly simple lives. This program is well-known because it shows viewers how to live a lovely life by trying to keep things straightforward and doing important tasks.

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In 2014, Simple Living Alaska launched its YouTube channel after relocating to Oregon. The first video that Simple Living Alaska produced took roughly a year to complete and was eventually released in 2018.

Her films are most well-known for their practical guidance on leading a simpler life. “To help people live more purely so that others may simply live,” is her stated objective. She publishes articles on her channel that cover a variety of topics, including how to homeschool your kids, keep hens, grow your own food, and travel light.

She also talks about her own life and the lives of some of the visitors to her farming neighborhood. At the moment, Simple Living Alaska has more than 630k subscribers and more than 12+ million video views.

Influencer Career

Simple Living Alaska not only has a YouTube channel but also sells e-books and maintains a blog. The Minimalist’s Guide to Homesteading: Achieving Financial and Spiritual Freedoms, her debut e-book, was released in 2017.

The book is a collection of the most helpful advice she has picked up about living simply. She also provides online classes on sustainable living, rearing chickens, and gardening.

The Simple Living Alaska YouTube channel has achieved enormous success thus far. Her practical and down-to-earth advice on leading a simpler life has helped her to develop a sizable online following.

She wants to assist others in achieving both spiritual and material independence, and it appears that she is well on her way to achieving that objective.

Contact Information

It’s simple to get in touch with the couple because they enjoy sharing their experiences with the audience through:

  • Facebook: Alaska’s Simple Living
  • Simple living Alaska’s website
  • Follow simple living Alaska on Instagram
  • Email us at to get in touch.
  • Send correspondence to: Simple Living AlaskaPO Box 506Willow, AK 99688

They hunt and gather, and have a vegetable garden, an orchard, chickens, and bees, which adds adventure to their life. They do have a life that is filled with expectations and uncertainties. However, they also enjoy redefining what living means to them.

The lovely Alaskan wilderness is shown in the videos. Simple Living Alaska has a high net worth thanks to its fantastic YouTube career. Simple Alaskan Living, Arielle, and Eric of Simple Living Alaska have achieved great fame.

The couple has been an inspiration to others while living off the grid in a cabin in Alaska.  If you want to learn how to cultivate, butcher meat while off the grid, and much more, check out the YouTube channel. Eric and Arielle, two content producers, share their adventures through writing, photography, and videos.

Money from YouTube

How much money does Simple Living Alaska bring in? Their blog, YouTube channel, Etsy store (SimpleLivingAKTieDye), Amazon affiliate program, and Etsy shop all contribute to their income. Each month, their official YouTube channel brings in about $10,000.

Additionally, their videos generate about $200,000 in revenue annually. The estimated net worth of Simply Living Alaska in 2022 is $2 million. Since it merely predicts their wealth, we cannot ensure that it is entirely correct.


Simple Living Alaska Net Worth is enormous thanks to the blog’s commitment to healthy, mindful living. The adorable pair raises livestock and grows food. Along with hunting and foraging, they also do that. Keep checking back for updates on more YouTube channels that show how to live off the grid in an Alaskan cabin responsibly.


What does Eric do for Simple Living Alaska?

Simple Alaskan Living Essentially, Eric Illia works as a YouTube vlogger. Additionally, he makes money through blogging and selling his tie-dye T-shirts on Amazon Associates, and Etsy. As of 2022, Eric Illia’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

What is Arielle Illia’s estimated net worth?

Similar to Eric Illia, Arielle derives her money from her blog and YouTube channel. So, as of 2022, Arielle Illia’s net worth is estimated to reach $1 million.

What is the age of Simple Living Alaska’s Eric and Ariel?

You might wonder how old the Simple Living Alaska couple is. As of 2022, Eric is 36 and Ariel is 33 years old.

How is life there?

Few tourists still anticipate seeing Alaskans inside igloos. But for the most part, daily life in Alaska is very similar to that in the Lower 48. Especially in remote homesteads, some Alaskans opt for a solitary and independent lifestyle. However, most drive vehicles, watch television, and shop in contemporary businesses.

What does Simple Living Alaska make from YouTube?

According to our most recent calculations, the couple from Simple Living Alaska makes about $20,000 each month via YouTube ads. Nevertheless, the annual income for a simple life in Alaska is about $240,000.

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