Toby Fox Net Worth (2022) – Earnings, Income, Girlfriend, Age

The video games “Undertale” and “Deltarune” were created by Toby Fox, a composer with a high income. The estimated value of Toby Fox’s net worth in 2022 is $4.5 million. He goes by Toby Fox, which is his true name, but he also goes by Toby “Radiation” Fox and goes by the online alias FWugRadiation.

After Undertale became a huge hit, Toby created its successor, “Deltarune,” which was incredibly well received. In addition, he is a well-known musician.

Toby Fox’s Net Worth 2022

The name Toby Fox is well-known to young people. As the designer and developer of the well-known American video games Undertale and Deltarune, he has enormous popularity. Not only that, but Fox is also a musician who has created music for the well-known webcomic Homestuck.

He was selected to be a part of the 2018 Games Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his work on Undertale. People from all over the world engage in his game. He gained popularity as a result of the game’s fans’ adoration for his original idea. He gained enormous popularity, notoriety, and financial gain as a result. A recent survey reveals that more than 4 million people play Toby’s game.

Early Life

On October 11, 1991, Toby Fox was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Fox is a Libra, according to his zodiac sign. His character is one of generosity. Fox used to spend countless hours playing video games with his brothers. He was especially fond of role-playing games like “Earthbound.”

Fox even attempted to create video games with his brothers using the “RPGmaker” program. Sadly, their initial efforts were fruitless. Fox joined a number of ‘Earthbound’ fan communities online while still in his teens.

The communities were a good opportunity to interact with fans from across the world and learn more about the game since only one of the three games was launched in America. Even worse, he started making his own Source. Fox developed an interest in music during his adolescence and started teaching himself the instrument.

He started writing music and entering his pieces in contests. Fox attended Northeastern University after graduating from high school. He received his degree in environmental science from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.


With a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of roughly 58 kilograms, Toby Fox is quite tall. Fox has a slim build but is not very concerned with fitness. He hasn’t disclosed his diet goals and doesn’t practice mindful eating.


Tommy Fox is a member of and he enjoys the Japanese video game “Earthbound.” He goes by the name “Radiation.” He used to spend a lot of time on the website in the past. During the 2011 Forum, he performed this.

He had little prior knowledge of creating video games at the time. However, he later began working on some of the most important sequels. He attempted to do that with his sibling but was unsuccessful.

Later, he began on Undertale, which was released in 2015. Toby Fox’s staggering net worth and impressive YouTube career have placed him in the top YouTubers’ net worth category. The best aspect is how much time he spent on game placement.

In this way, Temmie Chang was also able to assist him with the animations and illustrations. Overall, he finished the game in about 2.7 years. The PlayStation version of the game was released in 2017. As a result, he began creating music in addition to creating video games. For the games and comics, he did that.

Music Composer

Fox’s composing career started in 2009. He was in his senior year of high school at the time. He wrote a variety of musical compositions for Andrew Hussie’s 2009 webcomic “Homestuck.” Fox initially didn’t respond when the webcomic’s writer updated a post seeking musical additions.

Hussie noticed Fox when he started posing piano renditions of “Homestuck” songs. Fox has added new music to Hussie’s production. He also produced a number of pieces for the video game “Hivestack” in addition to that.

He wrote the music for the role-playing game Little Town Hero and the storytelling game Escaped Chasm. Fox wrote a track for “Pokemon’s Sword and Shield” and a voice song for Itoki Hana’s PRAY album.

The social media star has accumulated a sizeable portion of Toby Fox’s enormous net worth from his job as a composer as well. Additionally, 2022 updates show that Toby Fox contributed to Temmie Cheng’s debut video game, “Dweller’s Empty Path,” as a composer.

With the exception of the artwork, Cheng was the only person to work on Fox’s game Undertale. In addition, Fox contributed music to the psychological-horror role-playing game “Omori.” Fox made an attempt at illustrating by providing artwork for the Hobonichi Mother Project. Additionally, he directed and animated Chip Tankai’s “Hammerhead Shark Song.”

Video Game Developer

The YouTuber first tried to create games when he was a teenager, but his efforts were unsuccessful. Toby created his characters as parodies of well-known characters using influences from Japanese video games. Fox shared it with his friends and internet communities.

The positive responses intrigued him, and in 2013 he used Kickstarter to initiate a crowdsourcing effort. He was shooting for funding of about $5,000. In an effort to generate greater attention, he also tried to emphasize the game’s primary distinguishing features.

Fox published the video game Undertale in 2015 after raising more than ten times his original goal. Despite the fact that there was little publicity, word-of-mouth spread and the game quickly became popular. The game was listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 lists of video games.

Fox created some songs for Undertale that were never used. The highly compensated YouTuber made some of the unused tracks available separately in 2016 for this reason. Fox started quietly developing Deltarune, the sequel to Undertale.

It wasn’t until the day before the game’s release that Undertale fans learned about it. Updates from October 30, 2018, show that Fox merely asked followers to check back in 24 hours on his Twitter account and gave them free access to the first chapter of Deltarune under the premise of a poll.

He held his informational releases until November 1st. Finally, he admitted that he had not started developing the other chapters of the game but would distribute them all at once. He informed his followers that he hoped to finish the game in June 2019. Additionally, he had already written 50 songs after chapter one by that point.

The cartoonist of the “Homestuck” comic strip is one of his closest pals, Andrew Hussie. Fox allegedly finished designing “Undertale” in Hussie’s cellar, according to hearsay. As a result of his extensive computer and gaming use, Fox experiences excruciating wrist discomfort that hinders his ability to write music and create games.

Social Media

As one of the most popular users on social media, Toby Fox is well known. His use of social media demonstrated his abilities. He hardly ever uploads pictures to social media. But Instagram has been a big source of his fame.

Personal Life

Toby Fox is now single in his personal life. The author of the comic strip “Homestuck,” Andrew Hussie, is one of his closest buddies. Fox allegedly finished his “Undertale” design in Hussie’s basement.

Fox experiences terrible wrist pain as a result of how much time he spends playing video games and using the computer, which frequently hinders his ability to create music and game content. Fox plans to undergo physical therapy or surgery to treat his wrist problems after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.


The 2015 Game of the Year award has been given to the video game “Undertale.” In 2015, the zero punctuation and Jinquisition gave him fame. He triumphed at the Rock, Paper, Shotgun game as well. Later, he received other awards, including the 2015 Destructoid Award for Best PC Game, the 2016 Audience Award, and the 2015 IGN Award for Best PC Game. The NAVGTR game 2015 and the Cultural Innovation Award for Matthew Crump were sufficient forms of acclaim.

  • 2015 PC game of the year, according to IGN
  • The 2015 Destructoid Award for best game
  • 2015 NAVGTR award for the game
  • 2016 audience choice award
  • Award for Cultural Innovation from Matthew Crump


At such a young age, Toby has become one of the richest and most successful game developers. He was a very successful game developer and composer. Selling copies of his game is Toby Fox’s primary source of income. He has profited much from it. The game only cost ten bucks, and Toby has sold over 2,670,000 copies of it. Therefore, it is likely that he made more than $26,700,000 from this game.


What Pokémon is Toby Fox?

It’s been a fantastic year for Toby Fox and Homestuck fans with “Megalovania” appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and “The Baby is You” appearing in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

What new game is Toby Fox playing?

In October 2018, Toby Fox’s sort-of follow-up to the wildly popular RPG Undertale, Deltarune Chapter 1, was released. The release of Chapter 2 was ultimately on September 17, 2021.

What kind of earnings did Toby Fox receive from Undertale?

The computer games “Undertale” and “Deltarune,” created by composer and developer Toby Fox, are his most well-known works. His true name is Toby Fox, although he goes by Radiation a lot. Online, Fox is referred to as FWugRadiation.

How much money did Undertale’s inventor make?

This game paved the way for other indie gaming sensations like Among Us, Hotline Miami, Untitled Goose Game, Celeste, Cuphead, and Night in the Woods with its exceptional success (earning its creator Toby Fox a cool $4.5 million from Steam sales alone).

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