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Thomas MacDonald, also known as Tom MacDonald, is the most well-known social media personality. Tom MacDonald’s net worth is projected to be about $1 million in 2022. His line of work includes singing, songwriting, creating YouTube videos, and going by the moniker “Canadian Rapper.”

Despite the fact that he is a rapper, you will see him more in front of the camera than on the mic. He is a famous TV person and one of the most followed on social media. He is one of the world’s busiest YouTubers.

He wrote a book titled How to be a Successful YouTuber because he is so successful on YouTube. He also became a best-selling author because of that book.

Tom MacDonald Net Worth 2022

His bio describes him as a social media influencer. The most well-known Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald projected a net worth of roughly $1 million, according to a number of web resources (Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDB).

Most of his income came from Instagram and YouTube rather than his music career. He is among the world’s most prosperous individuals. He only has one California property.

Undoubtedly, he will become incredibly wealthy in the future and own real estate all around the globe. We’ll fill you in on every detail of those properties.

Early Life

On September 21st, 1988, Tom Macdonald was born in Canada. He is respected for songs like Brainwashed, Fake Woke, and Dear Rapper. He worked as a great professional wrestler from Canada, the United States, for six years while still a teen.

He also joined Monster Pro Wrestling, Real Canadian Wrestling, Prairie Wrestling Alliance, and the National Wrestling Alliance. Since he was a little child, rapping has been the focus of his passion.

He left his hometown to start a career in boxing. He boxed under the ring moniker Allstar. In the Canadian wrestling industry, he was employed as a professional fighter. He frequently appeared on the boxing program broadcast in the arena.

He engaged in combat with a number of well-known wrestlers at that time. Additionally, he was a part of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.’s Pay Per View programming. He finally ended his professional boxing career after six years.

Despite receiving numerous hits, his only real notoriety comes from his efforts on social media. He has a large audience on YouTube and Instagram. He has more than 3.3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

He also evolved into a hip-hop performer and became well known for his classic Rap Songs. He doesn’t hesitate to sing about issues with social society.

Personal Life

In terms of his personal life, he begins dating the well-known Canadian rapper Nova Rockafeller. The work is supported by the punk group GFBF. He is presently in the Californian city of Los Angeles.

The Beatles and Aerosmith have been mentioned by MacDonald as musical influences. The first album, which came out on February 13th, 1996, had songs by 2Pac called All Eyez on Me and Marilyn Manson called Smells like a kid.

Lady Gaga was mentioned as a musical influencer as well. Since they share trade and passion, they enjoy working together. Tom MacDonald is a childless man. Though there hasn’t been any news of children yet, he and his partner seem to be quite content together. Additionally, he has never fathered a child with another woman.


He is regarded as the hip-hop music industry’s most copycatting musician. He has always been a music lover. He was pretty physically fit. So, many nearby urged him to pursue a career in boxing. In trying, he was successful. But his passion for music persisted.

He finally showed up in the music industry, which was his heart’s goal. He is a Virgo by birth. Virgos are seen as capable, fixated, and perfectionists. They are often referred to as likable and persuasive individuals.

The sapphire is his birthstone. The aster or myosotis is his birth flower. His YouTube channel is his. He has posted a lot of his own music videos to his YouTube page. His videos have received at least one million views each.


At the age of 18, he began his rapping career. Whiteboy, his debut single, was released in February 2018. He based the topics of his raps on various social themes. Straight White Male was the name of the following song he penned.

He discussed his conviction that straight white males were experiencing oppression in this song. He added that white men are frequently mocked and ridiculed on social media. Cloned Rapers, his subsequent single, was made public.

He discusses cloning artists to take the place of the real rappers in this song track. In September 2019, he released that song. He had a tour booked for the end of 2019. But it was abandoned. In 2019, he released 20 single tracks for the first time.

White Trash, Sellout, Cancer, Best Rapper Ever, and Angels were the most played songs. On the well-known music streaming websites, each of them received a sizable amount of streaming views.

He also made available a song called Coronavirus. The song’s connection to the ongoing Cov-19 around the world is implied by its title. He debuted the first song from his next album in January 2022. Fake Woke is the name of this song’s track.

He reached new heights of stardom because of this song. His first single to reach the Billboard Top 100 was the song track. This song came in at number 96 on Billboard’s Top 100 Songs chart. Famous male rapper Eminem published a collection of digital data titled NFT on the non-profit Nifty Gateway.

Tommy McDonald paid $100,000 USD for Stan’s Revenge, an instrument from the Eminem collections. Many people attacked him for buying music from other artists after the purchase. He was also accused of plagiarism by several. He responded by saying that people ought to be joyful rather than judgmental.

He said that he would use the instrument he had purchased to compose more imaginative music. He composed a song titled Snowflakes with this instrument. The musical charts were topped by this single track.

The renowned musical list known as the Billboard Top 100 placed this song in the 71st spot. His most well-known song is the one with the same name, overtaking all of the others.

Music Career

LeAnn’s Son was the name of his debut album. This album was made available on June 1st, 2014. He was the only one who worked on the album. He achieved well with the record as a novice in the Hip-hop music scene.

See You Tomorrow was the title of his second studio album. The second album was made available on December 21st, 2015. The first and second albums were also made available online.

Both love and anger were directed towards the second album. Too many white young men found it appealing. Others weren’t as enamored with his work. Whatever the case, the second album did well in terms of streaming and sales.

On well-known streaming platforms like Apple and Spotify, the album was played numerous times. The second and third albums came out at the same time. Up until that point, he had self-produced the entire album.

He received no assistance from any record label. Dream People & the Whiskey Wars was the title of the third album. In the type of CD, this album was also independently released. His sales from this album were equally strong.

2018’s first August saw the release of his fourth album. Deathreats is the name of this album. This album was entirely self-created and produced by him. The album was made available on CD.

In August 2019, he released his fifth studio album. Ghost stories were the name of the album. He started from scratch and produced the entire record by himself. In terms of sales and streaming views, this album performed far better than the prior releases.

Without having signed a deal with a record label, his sixth album was also made available. Killing the Neighbors was the sixth book. He worked with Madchild, a well-known Canadian rapper, on this album.

In the year 2020, the month of February saw the release of this album. The album saw positive sales. He had established his own fan base by that point. In the month of August 2020, he released his seventh album.

The seventh record was titled Gravestones. He did not seek help from anyone else for this record either. However, he did the entire laborious job by himself. His and no admirers praise him for his diligence.

In April 2022, he released his latest and greatest record to date. Two well-known and adored Canadian musicians and rappers named Brandon Hart and Nova Rockafeller assisted him in creating and producing the album. This album was made available on CD.

This album’s sales were substantially higher. His income significantly improved as a result of these album sales. In the year 2010, he issued a mixtape. “Flowers of the Dead” was the title of his mixtape album.

Numerous of his songs rose up the Digital Music Sales chart. These single tracks did well despite being unable to crack the Billboard top 100 or 200. His most well-known tracks included Cancelled, No Good Bastards, No Lives Matter, People So Stupid, and many others.

These singles stayed in the top 10 spots on the sales chart for digital music. Additionally, he was a featured artist. Gang Gang is his most recent featured work. Together, we worked on this project with Nova Rockafeller.

She released an album called Scared of Heights, which included this song. This year 2022 saw the release of this title track. He has frequently claimed that the well-known artists and rappers The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Joe Cocker, Eminem, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin, among others, are the sources of his musical inspiration.

Racial and Politics-Based Songs

In many of his songs, he discusses racial politics. He appears to be the United States white male population’s champion. Many people believe that he is a racist artist as a result of his remarks.

He frequently receives unfavorable ratings and comments. Some music critics believe that he simply alters tracks from the dark web and calls them his own. Some claim that he lacks common sense and is a very stupid person.

He is regarded as a supporter of Zoom Trump by certain music critics as well. It has also been said that by claiming that white men are under oppression, he is causing unneeded controversy.

He is anti-woke, according to some of his detractors. In the United States, the word “woke” is frequently used to refer to racial and public cognizance. So, according to his detractors, he is reducing rather than raising awareness of racial stereotypes.

Some claim that he is also inciting violence or tension between the white community and other ethnicities. He receives a lot of criticism from other critics, but his fan following is growing every day.

It is also well known that his fan base readily accepts his words at face value. Racism is actually a very touchy subject. Other people’s feelings in the community will be affected if one word is stated incorrectly.

In this matter, there is a very blurry line between right and wrong. Tom might occasionally be speaking the truth about his neighborhood, but people might not trust him. Sometimes Tom says the wrong thing, but his following accepts it as fact.

Nobody in the human race is perfect. Each of us has both excellent and bad qualities. Overall, it can be claimed that he is committed to his music and a hardworking individual.


Tom Macdonald epitomizes the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover.” a tattooed man from Alberta, Canada, who had a great wrestling career before giving it up to focus on music. By defying convention in every way imaginable, he invented an entirely new field of work. Rapping on contentious issues like unfairly characterizing white men and opposing alcohol and drug usage in a world of stutter rap, his brand of rap is novel and revitalizing.

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What is Tom McDonald’s net worth?

Tom MacDonald has a modest $1 million total net worth.

What year was Tom McDonald born?

Currently, Tom MacDonald is 33 years old (21 September 1988). (21 September 1988).

What is the Salary of Tom MacDonald?

Tom MacDonald makes an approximate $0.1 million a year in pay.

What is Tom McDonald’s height?

Tom MacDonald stands 1.85m (6′ 1″) tall.

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