Trey’s Trades Net Worth – Age, Girlfriend, Income, Earnings

Tremayne L. Collins is Trey Trade’s real name. The moniker Trey Trades, though, is how most people are familiar with him. As of 2022, Trey Trades’ net worth is anticipated to be $5 million.

He is well known for his videos about financial topics, particularly the stock market and cryptocurrency trading. Trey’s Trades began his investment career and YouTube channel, which later brought him fame.

Trey’s Trade Net Worth 2022

His encouragement came from the knowledge that he had to fight back two years ago against a roughly $30,000 mountain of medical debt. Additionally, Trey’s Trades has mentioned how much he adores the concept of having close friends, family, and instructors.

He learned from them how to invest and generate income. Some of his most well-liked videos concern the stock of the multiplex chain AMC. This is also the subject of his debut YouTube video. Trey served in the military before starting YouTube.

Early Life

The American city of Oklahoma City is where Trey was born though he was raised in Minnesota. He received an ROTC scholarship to attend St. John’s University, where he double majored in nourishment and track & field.

His father passed away during his freshman year of college, forcing him to take care of all of his bills on his own. He then begins working at Buffalo Wild Wings as a service and bartender.

Trey engages in long-distance running in college. But because of the injury, he must cease long-distance training.

Personal Life

Trey is now single and unmarried. Additionally, he values privacy in his personal life. Therefore, there is no information on previous relationships he may have had.


After finishing college, Trey enlisted in the military. However, he quit the service for an unknown cause, and in December 2020, he launched Trey’s Trades, a YouTube channel. He posts videos on his channel that provide real-time updates on stock movement.

His first video was about forecasting the price of Veru stock. His channel served as a sort of online community for those who are into trading and investing. In addition, he is also known for his loud voice and unbridled love for AMC.

Even with trading AMC stock and options, he earns $1 million. There is evidence that AMC was involved in a groundswell campaign to increase shares, despite the fact that what occurred to AMC is rather convoluted.

This type of stock movement was caused by a group of novice online traders. Moreover, the AMC was a common theme across Trey’s channel. On his channel, he even had a conversation with the CEO of the AMC Corporation.

Trey has demonstrated that the significant price swings in the equities of firms like Gamestop, AMC, Blackberry, and others are the result of speculative trading. Obviously, weak essentially oriented companies. But even so, the cost is going up arbitrarily.

Trey does not advise people to blindly accept his financial advice, however, as stated in the description of his YouTube channel. He has published more than 850 videos to his channel, which currently has more than 390K subscribers. In addition to YouTube, Trey has a sizable following on Twitter and is highly active there.

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Trey Trades is a Trader, YouTuber, and former army officer from the United States. He makes the majority of his money through trading stocks and options. But in addition to that, he also earns a sizable sum of money through YouTube Ad Revenue and endorsements, which add to his entire net worth. Trey’s Trades will have a revised net worth of $5 million in 2022. Trey’s net worth has also increased significantly over the past few years.


How much money does Trey Trades make?

The most recent estimations place Trey’s Trades’ net worth at $5 million.

What Is Trey’s Real Name in Trades?

Trey Collins is Trey’s Real Name in Trade.

What kind of work does Trey’s Trades do?

His method of generating income has been stock trading and investing. The YouTube channel has also been a significant source of income.

What Kind of Work Do Trey Trades Do?

Trey’s Trades provides technical analysis on various stock market indices along with details on probable buy, hold, or sell recommendations for certain indices.

What kind of investments do Trey Trades have in AMC?

Options Trading In AMC Entertainment: Trey’s Trades Made Under $1M.

What software is used by Trey Trades?

He uses a lot of different software.

What Is the Value of Trey Trades?

Our team’s most recent research indicates that Trey’s Trades has a net worth of about $5 million.

What do Trey’s Trades make on YouTube?

The overall marketing profits indicate a monthly income of about $20K.

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