Vlad And Niki Net Worth – Early Life, Career

A very well-known YouTube channel for kids is Vlad and Niki. Due to the presence of two brothers, it is well recognized. Vlad and Niki’s Net Worth in 2022 is estimated to be around $130 million. Vladislav and Nikita Vashketov are brothers who were born on February 26 and June 4, respectively.

The channel occasionally features their mother Victoria Vashketova and younger brother Christian Sergey Vashketov. Wealthy and well-known YouTube stars enjoy traveling, playing, and other activities in and near Russia. Because of the enormous fan support, the Russian Children, Pretend Play, vlog YouTuber has recently gained a lot of fame.

The parents of Vlad and Niki, Sergey and Victoria (Vashketov), along with Vlad, Nikita, and the others have maintained 21 YouTube channels. In 18 different languages, all of these channels are about Vlad and Nikita. For additional developments, keep reading.

Vlad And Niki Net Worth and Biography 2022

Niki Vashketov was born in June, a few years ahead of schedule, while Vlad Vashketov was born on February 26, 2013. The parents of Vlad and Niki are Sergey and Victoria Vashketov. Christian Sergey Vashketov is the other sibling’s name.

The two brothers who are well-known around the world have made a name for themselves on YouTube. After making their debut in 2018, they now have hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. The elder brother, Vlad, is a keen sportsman who likes soccer and kickboxing.

Vlad is a born entertainer who has a deep love for animals. He spends his free time dancing and singing along to the music of his favorite artists, like Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5. Vlad is in the second grade and is proficient in both English and Russian.

The intelligent younger brother, Niki, likes to travel, sketch, dress up, dance, sing, and be creative. His favorite hobbies include baking, arts & crafts, and DIY. In his spare time, he enjoys baking pies. He is a bilingual student who is friendly (English and Russian).

The dynamic mother who has a significant part to play in the “Vlad & Niki” narrative is Victoria. The three-time mother started her career in Russia as a talented gymnast. She was renowned for being a loud, energetic gymnast who displayed her outspoken demeanor throughout competitions.

The boys’ parents, Victoria and Sergey, planned, developed, and produced all of the content for Vlad and Niki’s video-streaming website. Despite his global viral exposure, Sergey was a skilled salesperson who used his skills to help develop an international brand that now includes collaborations with foreign licensees and brand synergies.

Despite his global viral exposure, Sergey was a skilled salesperson who used his skills to help develop an international brand that now includes collaborations with foreign licensees and brand synergies.


On April 23, 2018, the channel for Vlad and Nikita’s parents became live. The channel’s original name was “Vladik Toys.” Vlad and his mother had started making toy unwrapping films, which is why it was the case. The Peppa Pig toys were the main focus of the videos.

Themes of the community are central to the text. In addition to other nations, Vlad and Nikita are playing, sharing experiences, and vlogging in Dubai. It serves as a symbol of a strong tie among the family.

Additionally, you can watch videos on the channel that incorporate nursery rhymes. “Vlad and Niki – fresh Funny stories about Toys for youngsters” is the most watched video. According to 2019 updates, Haven Global secured a representation agreement with the high-earning YouTube personalities and vloggers Vlad and Nikita.

The business has been a licensing agency with an Australian base. The guiding principle was creating fresh material streams. Additionally, it controls rights for mobile games and apps, as well as the global consumer products program.

Playmates Toys and the YouTube channel also agreed to a partnership. Sam Chan established this business in Hong Kong in 1966. They are also well-known for their app, Vlad and Niki, and its games, such as Vlad and Niki Smart Games, Vlad and Niki 12 Locks, and Vlad and Niki Super Market.

Also included in their most recent endeavors are Vlad and Niki World, Vlad and Niki Monster Trucks, and Vlad and Niki Run. Vlad, the older brother, developed into a professional player and loves sports like soccer and kickboxing. Additionally, he has gained notoriety for being an animal lover and a natural performer.

When he has time after school, he enjoys dancing and singing along to his favorite songs, which include Imagine Dragons and Maroon 5. The intelligent younger brother, Nikita, enjoys dancing, painting, singing, dressing up, and traveling. He is extremely creative. In addition, he likes spending time on DIY projects, crafts, and baking.

On April 28, 2018, the twins created their first YouTube video; Vlad and Nikita play with colorful blocks. The brothers used the bright block to play with the toy automobile at the time, and it quickly became popular.

They have published a lot of funny plays, tales, and films. The kid influencers inked a contract with Haven Global for representation in October 2019 following the September 14th, 2018, release of the video Magic Little Driver Ride On Toy Cars And Transform Automobile For Kids.

Their fascination with the range of plays and the characters’ lifestyles is the best part of their lives. In their videos, the brothers consistently display their affection. The channel has had about 380 films posted, and viewers from all across the world have seen them.

The Vlad and Niki Store website also offers merchandise for kids. Within that respect, it can be noted that Haven Global has licensed the family app for iOS App Store as well as the exclusive mobile games and apps.

Numerous millions of people throughout the world already follow the channel. They became so well-known because of the preschool-focused learning topics they cover, which include exploration play, family activity experiences, creativity, imagination, and more.

The best aspect is that the films are expertly edited and have been posted in a variety of languages. With their enormous net worth, Vlad and Niki, one of the most subscribed YouTube channels, have cemented their place as one top YouTubers.

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Facts About Vlad And Niki

  • When their “Parents Challenge” video went viral in late 2016, they gained notoriety. The two kids in the film make an effort to follow their parents’ instructions, including preparing breakfast and getting ready for school.
  • The twins’ accents and peculiar sense of humor have earned them the nicknames “the Russian kids” and “the funny kids,” respectively.
  • With 2.15 billion views each month on their YouTube channel, Vlad and Niki generate a sizable income at the end of each month.

YouTube Earnings

According to Social Blade, the Vlad and Niki YouTube channel makes between $8.3K and $132.5K in daily profits. The famous YouTube channel makes between $58,000 and $927,3000 per week in estimated revenue from YouTube.

The popular YouTube channel generates between $248,4K and $4M in revenue from YouTube advertisements. The displayed adverts on YouTube videos bring in an estimated $3 million to $47.7 million in pay every year for the Vlad and Niki YouTube channel.


How do Niki and Vlad generate money?

YouTube advertising is the principal source of income. Additionally, they get paid for sponsored social media posts. Additionally, selling goods is another important source of income for Vlad and Niki.

What benefit do Vlad and Niki bring to society?

Due to their intellectual curiosity, creative imagination, and physical activity, Vlad and Niki are enthusiastic about interacting with their followers.

What city do Vlad and Nikita reside in?

The children of Russian and American parents today reside in Florida.

How old are Nikita and Vlad?

The most recent information on Vlad and Nikita’s ages indicates that Vladislav is 9 and Nikita is 7.

Where is the Real House of Vlad and Nikita?

The children of Russian and American parents today reside in Florida.

Who Are Nikita And Vlad?

A well-known YouTube channel called Vlad and Niki is well-known. It is renowned for having two brothers in it. Nikita Vashketov was born on June 4, 2015, and Vladislav Vashketov was born on February 26, 2013.

Why did Vlad and Nikita’s relationship end?

Both kids are younger than ten years old. After viewers reported the videos on the website’s “YouTube Kids” App, the channel was shut down. Additionally, it was anticipated that YouTuber “Toy Freaks” may harm his children psychologically.

Vlad and Niki are they Spanish?

Since they began broadcasting videos on 16 channels (in 13 different languages!) in 2018, the Russian-American twins have amassed enormous celebrities. These young children investigate preschool-related subjects like pretend play, science projects, storytelling, and more.

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