Wil Dasovich Net Worth – Height, Age, Girlfriend, Income

The wealthy and well-known American television personality Wil Lising Dasovich, who also works as a model and vlogger, is well known for his travel, comedy, and motivational messages. According to estimations for 2022, Wil Dasovich’s net worth is close to $3 million. Wil was always regarded as a very active man.

Wil was known as The Cool-It Vlogger of Pampanga because of his career and for having a wicked, energetic nature. A well-known Filipino-American model and vlogger named Wil Dasovich joined the cast of the popular reality series “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7” as a regular adult housemate.

Wil Dasovich Net Worth 2022

Wil Dasovich real nameWil Lising Dasovich
Wil Dasovich Net Worth$3 million
BirthdayAugust 26, 1991
Wil Dasovich age30
Wil Dasovich height5 feet 1 inch (166 cm)
Wil Dasovich weight120 lbs (70 kg)
Wil Dasovich Websitewildasovich.com

The American-Filipino model Wil Dasovich is well-known on Instagram. He is well known for possessing a variety of skills. He consequently writes on YouTube and makes appearances on television.

In addition, Dasovich is a well-known actor thanks to his roles in the 2016 television series Pinoy Big Brother. According to Wil Dasovich’s income information, he makes about $30K per month through his modeling work, YouTube advertising, and other sources of money. To put it another way, Wil Dasovich makes about $360,000 each year.

Early Life

Dasovich, an actor best known for playing him in the television series Magpakailanman, was born on August 26, 1991. He is originally from Los Angeles, California. Hollywood, Yosemite National Park, Silicon Valley, Death Valley, and surfing traditions are just a few of his city’s well-known attractions.

Famous Bluff actor Dasovich had a remarkable background. He was brought up by his parents, along with his siblings. Additionally, ever since he was a young child, he had established a lot of connections.

Moving on to the professions of Wil’s parents, his mother is a nurse, an artist, and an interior designer. Along with his success in business, Steve is a well-known public figure. He still has a sizable group of buddies.

He was raised close to San Francisco, where he was born. Haley Lising Dasovich is Wil Dasovich’s sister; his older sister is also a vlogger. Dasovich, who is the nephew of ABS-CBN news anchor Karen Davila, has become well-known for the variety of stuff he publishes on his channel.

In a similar vein, Dasovich has spoken about his upbringing and how he met his friends Dylan and Zac Efron. All three of these friends used to perform in front of their parents at family events. California offers a lot to discover and enjoy, summing up.

Charry Dasovich and Steve Dasovich were parents of Dasovich. His parents weren’t employed by the entertainment industry. Furthermore, their private lives are still beyond the limits of the media.

Personal Life

According to reports from February 14, 2018, Wil Dasovich acknowledged that he and Alodia Gosiengfiao, his girlfriend, had started dating. On November 14, 2021, Gosiengfiao confirmed that she and Dasovich had split up on her Facebook profile.

This information was revealed in updates about Wil Dasovich’s relationship and Wil Dasovich’s wife. Fans began to wonder if Alodia Gosiengfiao, Dasovich’s ex-girlfriend, had moved on after she appeared playing the piano with businessman Christopher Quimbo while on vacation in Palawan.

Asserting that they “tried to work things out many times,” Gosiengfiao announced the end of her relationship with Dasovich. Wil Dasovich thought back on his previous romance with Alodia Gosiengfiao.

To discuss his extremely public breakup with Alodia and Ashley’s response to the breakup, Wil sat down with Alodia Gosiengfiao’s sister. Wil spoke to Ashley as his “best buddy” and explained why he had asked her to be a guest on his program.

According to recent developments, Wil Dasovich fuelled dating speculations after posting a picture of himself with model Madeleine Humphries. When Wil Dasovich introduced himself alongside actress-model Carla Humphries at the Urban Light installation art in Los Angeles, the fans went wild.

At the visitor center at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Filipino-American YouTuber and vlogger spent time with Humphries. Humphries was seen in a candid photo taken by Dasovich at the art installation as they observed the crowds of onlookers.

Along with other online users, actress and YouTuber Bianca King was interested in how Dasovich and Humphries interacted.

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Advertisers became interested in Dasovich’s images as soon as he began posting them on Instagram. He then started to appear in TV shows and movies. He is currently employed as a famous advertiser.

In Pinoy Big Brother, Dasovich made his acting debut, catapulting him to popularity. His work on Dear Uge (2015), Siargao (2017), and Dangwa is complete (2015). (2016).

YouTube Career

When recordings of Wil Dasovich’s father, Steve Dasovich, speaking in Swardspeak or “bekinese,” went popular, Wil Dasovich, the wealthy and well-known YouTuber, became well-known. Additionally, he frequently incorporates other facets of Filipino culture.

According to updates from 2016, Dasovich and fellow YouTuber Janina Vela were the country’s two most rapidly expanding vloggers. The two also became Jollibee’s brand ambassadors together.

At the 2016 YouTube FanFest in Manila, the highest-earning couple gave a joint performance. They were quite well-known for producing a number of group videos, most of which featured meal evaluations and individual interviews.

Wil Dasovich’s net worth has increased as a result of his quick success. Together with Wil Dasovich’s sister Haley and fellow YouTuber Daniel Marsh, Dasovich founded the vlogging collective “#VlogSquad.”

On their own YouTube accounts, the three have shared videos of their travels together. The well-known YouTuber trio has served as an ambassador for a number of major brands, including Forever 21, Converse, Jollibee, Coca-Cola, and many others.

Many people are interested in “The Vlog Squad,” which is run by producer and YouTuber (PaperBugTV) Jako de Leon. Baninay Bautista, a fellow Big Brother participant, was one of the TV celebrities and influencers whom Dasovich introduced to vlogging.

They later joined the squad, too. Elvin Mendoz, the VlogSquad IT employee in charge of all technical duties and uploading behind-the-scenes footage, is a member of the team. The Wil Dasovich team, which consists of Dasovich, Haley, and Daniel, is featured in a global Coca-Cola advertising campaign.

Dasovich, a participant in the thirteenth season of Pinoy Big Brother, has twice previously tried to get on the program but was rejected. He was nominated for every eviction night while he was a resident of the Big Brother house. But after receiving the second-fewest text votes and being nominated for the fifth time, he was facing eviction.

Career As Model

The well-known and wealthy model Dasovich spent three months traveling through Asia after receiving his college degree in 2013. He chose to remain in the Philippines after arriving there in order to get to know the people and culture.

He eventually developed a passion for his Filipino ancestry. The fact that he is half Filipino piqued his interest in the language and culture to the point where he made the decision to spend his days and nights reading and retaining words.

At that point, he decided to stay in the Philippines for at least a year and delay leaving until he was completely proficient in Tagalog. According to the Wil Dasovich Wiki, he had lunch at Greenbelt in Makati that same year.

At that point, he learned about and received an offer to work as a commercial entity. He appeared in various print and video advertising throughout the course of the following two years.

Commercial models Wil Dasovich has done work for include 7-Eleven, Axe, and Jollibee. He had gained a lot of fame and money during his modeling career, including Wil Dasovich net worth.

Wil Dasovich, a handsome and well-paid model, would soon appear on regional television. He made the decision to stay in the Philippines after being revealed to showbiz and became successful as a host and TV personality.

He made the decision to seek a career in the entertainment field. Additionally, he did give YouTube his complete attention and concentrated all of his efforts on video creation. 10 Hours of Walking in Manila was the first Wil Dasovich video to be uploaded.

Presence On Spotify

The highest-paid YouTuber and vlogger Wil Dasovich began his Superhuman show on Spotify on Valentine’s Day in 2021. It may be argued that Wil Dasovich podcast addresses nutrition and motivation as best inspired by his experiences being diagnosed with cancer in 2017. This is because Dasovich himself produced it.

Wil’s Infection

According to updates from August 2017, the wealthy and well-known YouTuber and vlogger Yassin stated that he had come to San Francisco after three years abroad for treatment for internal injuries that were reportedly brought on by a parasite.

In addition, he later disclosed that he had been identified as having stage III colon cancer. He completed his final chemotherapy cycle in early January 2018. Updates from early February 2018 showed that he is cancer-free.

He was named the 2018 Shorty Awards’ Vlogger of the Year, according to updates from April 15. Following his college graduation, vlogger Wil Dasovich began his YouTube career by documenting his travels.

With the help of his travel vlogs, Wil Dasovich expanded his YouTube subscriber base by four times in 2017. He had achieved great success by the end of the year, with more than 1 million people watching his motivational uploads. After Wil’s stage III colon cancer diagnosis in August, he attracted a lot of media attention.

The YouTuber has chronicled his battle with the illness, but he hasn’t allowed it to stop him from moving forward. According to 2017 updates, he continued to vlog about his daring and exciting life while also accepting a part in the Philippine movie Siargao.

Final Words

Due to the YouTuber’s intense emphasis on his career, Wil Dasovich’s net worth has been rising dramatically. Post your thoughts about the vlogger in the comments below. Watch this space for further information.


How did Wil Dasovich fare? Allodia, too?

Wil Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao, two vloggers, are no longer dating. Alodia Gosiengfiao has declared that her four-year romance with vlogger Wil Dasovich is over.

Wil Dasovich began vlogging when?

Vlogger Following his college graduation, Wil Dasovich began his YouTube career by documenting his travels. He doubled the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel in 2017.

Is Wil Dasovich Related to Christine Samson?

Samson’s resignation from Tier One Entertainment made his separation with vlogger Wil Dasovich public. Alodia Gosiengfiao answered accusations that Christine Samson was involved in her breakup with Wil Dasovich at a certain period.

Who Are the Parents of Wil Dasovich?

The parents of Wil Dasovich are Charry Lising, an interior designer, American television personality, and model from the Philippines, and Steve Dasovich, a merchant mariner with Croatian and Irish ancestry.

Wil Dasovich: Where Is He Now?

Wil made the decision to relocate to Manila, Philippines, where he began focusing his vlogs on Filipino culture. However, the most recent information has shown that he lives in Novato, California, in the United States.

Why Is Wil Dasovich Not Allowed To Remain In The Philippines?

For some personal circumstances, he had to return to Novato, California, in the United States.

What Relationship Has Wil Dasovich To Karen Davila?

Karen Davila, an ABS-CBN news anchor, has a nephew named Dasovich.

What Is Wil Dasovich’s Salary?

From the various cash streams, he earns a respectable living. In this regard, it may be argued that he receives about $30K every month, giving him a yearly salary of about $360K.

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