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Yes, Theory is a popular YouTube channel run by four friends: Thomas, Ammar, Matt, and Derin. These members, who met in Canada, have amassed significant money. Yes, Theory’s net worth is anticipated to be around $8 million in 2022.

These individuals support questioning what society perceives as normal. They frequently seek difficulty to make their way and follow their calling. Discovering new adventures and visiting deserted locales are the themes of the Yes Theory videos.

7.7 million YouTube subscribers and 904,985,106 views have been attracted to the comedy channel Yes Theory. It was established in 2014.

Yes Theory Net Worth 2022

A net worth of $8 million is what they have been able to accumulate from it. To establish their path and pursue their purpose, they seek discomfort because they believe in defying what society perceives as normal.

The channel’s extra objectives include defying cultural conventions and spreading optimism. Their films feature exploring deserted places and discovering new adventures. They’ve attempted to gatecrash special events like the La La Land premiere and do insane things like unexpectedly turning up to snap a Christmas card photo with Justin Trudeau of Canada.

Co-founder of Yes Theory Matt Dajer is a modest yet accomplished YouTuber. Together with Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, and Derin Emre, he established Yes Theory. The Yes Theory movement encourages people to push themselves beyond their comfort zones to improve.

By posting weekly YouTube and Snapchat videos of the team pushing them, the movement motivates individuals.

Biography/Early Life

Ammar Kandil (April 28, 1994, age 27), Thomas Brag (July 9, 1993, age 28), Matt Dajer (March 28, 1992, age 29) (leaving in 2021), and Derin Emre (December 5, 1991, age 29) (left in 2017). They are Turkish (Ammar Kandil), American (Matt Dajer), Egyptian (Thomas Brag), and French (Thomas Brag) (Derin Emre).

The YouTube channel was created in the summer of 2014 by four strangers from all over the world who had first met in Montreal, Canada.

Thomas Brag

He was born in Paris, France, on July 9, 1993. He is 29 years old and a citizen of France. Cancer is his astrological sign. At Draper University, he pursued an entrepreneurial degree. In 2015, he received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University.

His Swedish parents gave birth to him in Paris. Camilla is the name of his sister. Lexie Alford and he started dating in March 2019. Yes, Theory was co-founded by him and YouTuber Matt Dajer.

YouTuber Thomas Brag is most recognized for being a significant contributor to the well-liked Yes Theory channel. He seeks adventure with his three pals. The creator of the now-defunct social network PassionSnack is Thomas Brag.

One-fourth of the well-liked YouTube channel Yes Theory is where Thomas Brag is best known. On the show, he and three of his buddies look for adventure by trying new things.

Matt Dajer

On March 28, 1992, in New York City, NY, he was born. He is an American citizen who is 30 years old. Matt is an Aries by birth sign. Canadian YouTube sensation Matt Dajer and his buddies co-founded the well-known channel Yes Theory.

In 2014, he graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Arts in History. He is one of the co-founders of Heart City Apparel, a nonprofit clothing company that won the 2014 McGill Community Impact Award for him.

While he was raised in Paris, he was raised in New York City. He has a sister named Emilie and a brother named Thomas. Co-founder of Yes Theory Matt Dajer has always been a modest and talented YouTuber.

He is committed to the Yes Theory movement, which encourages individuals to say “YES” to experiences outside of their comfort zones. According to Matt Dajer’s relationship status information, Emily Priebe is his girlfriend.

Another post stated that Yes Theory member Matt Dajer had flown halfway across the world for the ideal date in Rome, Italy, with his “dream woman,” Sarah De Vries.

Ammar Kandil

On April 28, 1994, he was born in Egypt’s Sadat City. He is Egyptian and 28 years old. The sign of the Taurus is his. One of the four co-creators of the well-liked Yes Theory YouTube channel, Ammarxz, is well-known.

As the creator of numerous of the group’s original action-packed adventure videos, he has become well-known there. At the age of 15, he left home to pursue his studies abroad, beginning in South Africa. Ammar Kandil is his actual name.

He was grown and born in Egypt. Thomas Brag and he collaborated on the Yes Theory YouTube channel. He now holds citizenship in both Egypt and the tiny island nation of Saint Kitts & Nevis. Ammar Kandil is a well-known Instagram user and social media figure.

In addition, Ammar Kandil is well known for co-inventing both Yes Theory and Seek Discomfort. Ammar Kandil’s relationship status indicates that he has never been in a romantic relationship or had a girlfriend.

Ammar has been working toward, stressing over, and accumulating money for his new citizenship for the past three years. He can now travel, return home, and live without worry.

Derin Emre

On December 5, 1991, he was born in Turkey. He is Turkish and 29 years old. Sagittarius is his astrological sign. As a co-founder and videographer for the well-liked YouTube channel Yes Theory, Bobby Derin is well-known.

Along with his three fellow cofounders, he has become well-known there for their social experiments and frequently humorous jobs and challenges. On January 13, 2014, he participated in the creation of his YouTube channel.

More than 6 million people have subscribed to his YouTube account. He and his fellow YouTubers Thomas, Matt, and Ammar started working together frequently on the Yes Theory channel in 2014. In 2017, Derin Emre resigned from the group.


Four Canadian friends’ YouTube channel Yes Theory is well-known for its material that explores many uncharted locales and adventurous settings. Yes, Theory is a channel that emphasizes defying social conventions and promoting positivism.

Yes, Theory inspired some of the highest-paid YouTubers to launch “The Brother Channel,” a Snapchat channel. When four friends worked together to produce some extremely fascinating videos, the trend began to take off.

The incredible success and enormous Yes Theory net worth have placed them among the wealthiest YouTubers. Bobby Derin was an incredible element of Yes Theory even though he isn’t a member.

Bobby Derin, who was born on December 5, 1991, in Turkey, founded the channel Yes Theory along with the other members. He had been actively working over the years to run social experiments and comedic challenges on the channel.

The Yes Theory YouTube channel was officially launched in the year 2014. Increased views and video numbers led to higher sales. The Yes Theory channel has almost 8 million subscribers.

Net Worth From YouTube

As of 2022, the channel had more than 8 million subscribers and had received over 950 million views. Every day, it receives an average of 300,000 views from various sources. From the commercials that play on the videos, this should bring in an estimated $2,400 every day.

After YouTube deducts its cut, authors of YouTube material based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia typically receive payments ranging from $2 to $12 for every 1000 monetized views. The percentage of views that are monetized typically ranges from 40% to 80% of all views.

All of these are influenced by several variables, including the device used, the time of year, the viewer’s location, ad inventory, the number of commercials in a video, how many people skip them, the style of advertisement, and more.

A view-based auction between advertisers determines the price of an advertisement view. A minimum bid of $0.01 per view is required from advertisers. Additionally, wealthy businesses can target advertising on the top 5% of most popular content through a program called Google Preferred.

The ad rates are greater than usual here. In addition to revenue from advertisements, YouTubers also receive money from subscribers to YouTube Red, who for a monthly charge can access premium material on YouTube and watch videos without adverts. They are compensated here dependent on how long viewers watch their videos.

The more time people spend watching their videos, the more money the creators make. Yes Theory generates additional revenue through partnering with brands to promote a variety of goods, including SkyDive Perris, Dollar Shave Club, Audible, FlyNyon, SkillShare, and many others. Additionally, they sell a popular line of goods under the Seek Discomfort brand.

Why Matt Left Yes Theory

The celebrity declared on his YouTube video on February 25, 2021, that he would stop acting in Yes Theory episodes but would continue to work on the brand. The Yes Theory book is now being written by him. His second YouTube channel is doing well as well.

As of June 2021, it had 6M subscribers and more than 107 million views. Both Matt Dajer’s book and his team’s viral videos will be motivating. Derin Emre, one of their teammates, is in favor of the Turkish team. When his visa was suspended in 2017, he returned to his native country.

Fun Facts

Yes Theory is an international company to empower individuals to step beyond their comfort zones to live more satisfying lives. It was founded in 2015 by four guys from four different continents. The woman in the Yes Theory videos is Ammar Kandil.

She is regarded as a member of the Yes Theory movement, which advocates living honest lives and seeking discomfort. Free Child, a motivational movie on Ammar’s experience that has had over 700,000 views as of this writing, was released in September by Yes Theory and Google.

Will Smith, an actor, and the group get along well? Thomas Brag can speak multiple languages. He is fluent in Swedish, Spanish, French, and English. For its fans, the Yes Theory crew pulls off amazing inspired stunts.

Over the Grand Canyon, Will Smith and the YouTubers performed bungee jumping from a helicopter. Another 2018 stunt involved a Justin Bieber impersonator from Los Angeles eating a burrito upside down. Even today, some Yes Theory supporters continue to think the man was Justin Bieber.

Final Words

As these pals demonstrate their enormous potential to make their YouTube channel the finest, Yes Theory’s net worth has been rising. Keep checking back with us for more information on these groups and the incredible efforts they make to inspire people with their vlogs.


Ammar is still a part of Yes Theory?

On February 25, 2021, Dajer declared in a YouTube video that he no longer intended to take part in the group’s episodes, but that he would still be working on the brand. Additionally, he is now working on the Yes Theory book. Ammar Kandil was born on April 28, 1994, and raised in Sadat City, Egypt.

Who is the Yes Theory CEO?

The team that oversees Yes Theory, a creative collection of video makers who think that life may be as authentic and satisfying as you like if you seek discomfort, is led by Zack Honarvar, the founder of One Day Entertainment.

Does Eric belong to the Yes Theory?

A well-known YouTuber, social media influencer, actor, and comedian are Eric Tabach. On YouTube, he has more than 300,000 subscribers, 20 million views, and 600,000 followers. He was the mastermind behind scores of popular Buzzfeed videos, and he now works as a host and producer for the Yes Theory YouTube channel.

What transpired to Sarah and Matt?

After dating Matt for five years, Sarah requested a permanent restraining order against him in September 2014. He choked her while calling her a c*nt, according to court documents that TMZ received. He had such a strong hold on me that I was unable to speak or breathe, she testified in court.

What does it mean to “desire discomfort” mean?

To me, seeking discomfort entails pushing yourself outside your comfort zone as much as you can to become a more robust and knowledgeable version of yourself. Seeking discomfort for me means acting in a way that seems impossible and going where your heart leads.

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